Prepare Material for Binding

Every Binding is Unique

On a daily basis, a wide variety of material arrives at UC Library Bindery Services for processing. Since it is a rare occurrence for two identical volumes to be submitted for binding, the preparation process is labor intensive. Every item must be individually evaluated to determine the most efficient method for maximizing the readability and durability of the ultimate bound volume.

The Role of the Library Staff

The Library staff plays an essential collaborative role in selecting appropriate binding products and correct preparation levels, batching like projects into job lots, preparing printed binding slips or digital records for each publication, creating required shipment documentation, and following established procedures for packing material for transportation. Clear communication and an accurate understanding of the goals of each project have a direct impact on the efficiency, quality, cost and outcome of the library binding process.

The Library staff is responsible for the following actions:

  • Selecting the appropriate binding product for each book
  • Selecting the applicable level of preparation required
  • Creating a printed binding slip or digital binding instructions for each book
  • Securing together loose issues of each serial binding with string or rubber bands
  • Creating job lots for books requiring the same binding product and preparation level
  • Packing material for shipment according to established procedures that ensure materials arrive intact and undamaged
  • Clearly labeling book carts or boxes to be shipped to the bindery
  • Creating accurate job order and shipment documentation

Please consult our Product Matrix for recommended size limits according to the projected level of use.

The Library Bindery team thanks you for your cooperation and attention to detail in completing these vital steps.