General Instructions

Following these simple steps will insure that your books are bound correctly and efficiently:

Step 1: Assemble the books you wish to send to the Bindery
Journals: Collate together, in proper sequence, the individual issues you wish bound as one volume. Generally, all of the issues in a journal volume are bound together provided that the bound volume is not too thick or heavy. It is recommended that you limit the thickness of bound volumes to 1 ¼”. In some cases it may be necessary to “split” the issues of a journal volume into two bound volumes.

Place a rubber band or soft cord around each set of issues that will comprise a bound volume to keep them in order.

Books: If pages or covers are loose or broken, place a rubber band or soft cord around the book so that all elements are kept in place

Collected Reprints: Collate together, in proper sequence, the reprinted articles you wish bound together into one volume. Create a Table of Contents, if one is desired. Tie all the reprints together with a rubber band or soft cord. It is recommended that you limit the thickness of each bound volume to 1 ¼”.

Step 2: Fill out a binding slip for each volume to be bound indicating the cloth color, foil color and spine lettering plus any special binding instructions. Instructions on filling out a binding slip are available on this webpage. Place the completed binding slip into the appropriate book. Please leave a portion of the slip sticking out of the top of the book so that it can be found easily by Bindery staff.

Step 3: Fill out a Binding Requisition Form. Be sure to include your department name, contact information, chart string and the total number of books in your order.

Step 4: Securely pack the books into cartons. Seal all cartons and affix a completed Bindery Pickup Shipment Label to the top of each box. Place the Binding Requisition Form into one of the cartons and mark that box accordingly.

Step 5: Shipping to Library Bindery
Berkeley Campus: Pickup and delivery service for binding orders is provided free of charge thru UC Berkeley Mail Services
Information for preparing shipments can be found at
Davis Campus: Pick up and delivery service for binding orders is provided by the Reprographics Department. You can request a pick up on their website at or by phone at (530) 754-COPY (2679).
All other campuses: Contact the commercial transportation vendor of your choice (UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, etc.) to pick up your material and have it delivered to us at:
UC Library Bindery
Richmond Field Station
University of California
B-175, 1301 South 46th Street
Richmond, CA 94804-3580