Campus Libraries

UC campus libraries are the largest consumer of Library Bindery Services, submitting over 200,000 books and publications for binding or re-binding on an annual basis. The condition of the bindings is a critical component of the standard of service, usability and endurance of the campus library.

The campus library is a critical partner in the ongoing process of serving its binding needs, providing input into the preparation of material for binding, adhering to standards for spine marking and binding specifications, selecting binding materials and leaf attachments, transporting printed materials to and from the bindery, submitting digital binding records through the LARS system, and preparing and submitting material for storage in Kasemake or Phase boxes.

Through close collaboration with the Library Bindery, campus libraries must be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to make selections from the range of bindery product options that best serve the aesthetic, user-friendliness and durability requirements of the library.