Kasemake (Archival Boxes)

Kasemake is a highly versatile package design system that enables the design and creation of an archival box or carton to meet user-specified dimensions.

The UC Library Bindery offers the Kasemake technology to the University libraries. Utilizing a KM503 Kasemake Unit, we can manufacture high-quality, economical enclosures customized to your needs. Measurements can be submitted to the Bindery via an order form.

There are currently three styles of archival box available:

  1. Clamshell (e-flute)
  • Standard clamshell or “drop-spine” design made of acid-free/lignin free e-flute corrugated board. The board is blue/green in color and results in a strong, versatile, and attractive finished box. This box style works well for a wide range of sizes. Boxes can be padded to accommodate material thinner than ¾”.
  • Size Restrictions:
    • Minimum: 102mm x 77mm x 20mm (4” x 3” x ¾”)
    • Maximum: 660mm x 558mm x 102mm (26” x 22” x 4”)

Box and Lid (e-flute)

  • Two-piece box designed for large format items. The lower tray has a “drop front” design to facilitate removing large or bulky items.
  • Size Restrictions:
    • Minimum: 102mm x 77mm x 20mm (4” x 3” x ¾”)
    • Maximum: 1270mm x 762mm x 50mm (50” x 30” x 2”)

Tab Portfolio (20pt., archival, tan)

  • Portfolio design is best used for small, lightweight and/or thin material. Portfolios are constructed of 20 pt. archival board. Board color is tan.
  • Size Restrictions:
    • Minimum: 102mm x 77mm x 13mm (4” x 3” x ½”)
    • Maximum: 355 x 318 x 25mm (14” x 12 ½” x 1”)

All boxes will be shipped flat. Box assembly can be requested.


Phone: (510) 665-2171
Michael Foley, acting manager, mikefol@berkeley.edu

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