Sending Data to the Bindery

LARS title records, shipment records, and I4 Import files should be emailed as attachments one or two days prior to materials arriving at the bindery.

One time LARS setup instructions:

Your library system office can assist this set-up using the instructions below or call the Library Bindery at (510) 665-2171 for help.


When you select the option to send jobs to the bindery, LARS will generate a shipment folder containing several files. It is the contents of that folder that you will send to the bindery. The following steps enable the creation of that shipment folder, and the configuration of LARS to use that folder as its default shipment location:
  1. Create the shipment folder
  2. Create a folder named SHIPMENT, preferably on the C: drive as C:\SHIPMENT. However, if that is not possible, select an alternate drive or network location and make the folder accessible as x:\SHIPMENT, where X: is the drive letter. (Although we recommend the simple X:\SHIPMENT format, you may elect to establish a more complex path such as: x:\data\folder\SHIPMENT).Note that the LARS user must have full read/write/create/delete/scan access to the SHIPMENT folder.  In this format, please note that each component of the path must adhere to the DOS 8.3 file naming restrictions.
  3. Configure LARS to default to shipment folder
  4. Edit the main INI file for the LARS Library application*. In the [shipment] section, set the SHIPMENT_Path option to specify the shipment folder path created in step one. For example, if the shipment folder is C:\Shipment, then the option would appear as follows: [shipment], Shipment_Path = c:\shipment
If the option does not already exist in the INI file, simply add it, being careful to add it to the [shipment] section.
            *If you are not comfortable editing the INI file and making this change, please contact the bindery for assistance: (510) 665-2171
This completes the one-time setup.

Transmitting Completed Job(s)

After completing one or more jobs ready to be sent to the bindery, follow these steps:
  1. Create the Shipment
  2. On the [Job Status Database] screen, highlight one or more jobs to be sent to the bindery and click the Send button.
  3. On the [Send Shipment] screen, click the Send Diskettes button. You will be prompted for a shipment location. By default, this should be the folder created and configured in the one-time setup instructions above.
  4. Send the shipment
  5. Click OK, If there are any existing files in the shipment folder, they will be erased before the new shipment is sent.
  6. Add other related files to the Shipment: If you have any additional files (e.g. excel shipment records or requisitions) you'd like to include with the shipment, copy them now into the shipment folder created in the one-time setup above (e.g., C:\Shipment).
  7. Compress the Shipment: Compression of the shipment will combine all of the shipment files into a single file that can easily be sent to the bindery. On most Windows computers, the easiest way to compress the shipment folder is to open Windows Explorer (i.e., My Computer), navigate until you see the Shipment folder on the right-hand side of the Windows Explorer window, and then right-click on the Shipment folder name. On the pop-up menu, select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder. This will create a file with a name similar to
  8. Name the compressed files: It is recommended that you use the library and date elements to name the compressed folder, as indicated below:
Send compressed files to the bindery as an email attachment.