Library Binding vs. Publisher's Binding

Mass Production Yields Quality Concerns

Books published for a mass audience are produced in high volume with high pressure to deliver at the lowest possible cost. Intense competition among commercial book suppliers results in low bids, which in turn restrict budgets and limit choices. The outcome is frequently a substantial compromise in product quality with common incidences of split bindings, warped book covers and de-lamination.

Library Binding Subject to Rigorous Standards

Library binding specifications were first established in 1923, and continued to evolve and formalize through the efforts of a dedicated standards body, the Library Binding Institute (LBI). The LBI is committed to overseeing and monitoring adherence to the rigorous standards outlined in the latest ANSI /NISO/ LBI Library Binding Standard, introduced in 2000.

The University of California Library Bindery is a Certified Institutional Library Binder. Certified Library Binders must undergo an independent inspection by the Library Binding Institute to certify that they have the equipment, experience, knowledge and expertise to manufacture book- bindings that meet the specification of the American National Standard for Library Binding.

Long Shelf Life for Library Bound Books

Books bound according to the material and process specifications established in the American National Standard for Library Binding have far longer shelf lives than publishers’ or edition bindings. Library bound books incorporate high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes to create books designed to withstand the high levels of use typically found in circulating library collections.

These high-quality books remain in good condition even after heavy use, providing the library patron with an attractive and usable print copy. The significantly longer shelf life enjoyed by library volumes generates substantial cost savings for the library through reduced expenditures for the replacement of damaged material, or for the rebinding of worn or failed edition bindings.

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