LARS Manual

For detailed user instructions, refer to the LARS Manual downloadable at the bottom of this page.

From the Introduction of the LARS Manual:

Arden Lake Technologies, Inc.'s LARS/Windows software represents the second generation of the Library Automated Retrieval System (LARS) product. Like its predecessor, LARS/Windows provides an affordable rub retrieval system, available to both library and bindery, which runs on inexpensive IBM compatible personal computers.

LARS/Windows fully supports the Flesher System 2 and System 3 stamping machines. It also supports the Flesher Bookmark Measuring System.

LARS/Windows operates with the popular Microsoft Windows™ software. This provides several advantages:

  • Because the Windows environment is more advanced and more powerful than the older DOS environment, software written for Windows can contain features that would be prohibitively difficult to implement under DOS
  • Most Windows software adheres to a common set of standards. Users who have learned one Windows program, therefore, require less training to understand and operate other Windows programs.
  • Microsoft Windows is fast becoming the dominant operating system for IBM compatible personal computers. Its wide popularity means that computers able to run it are readily available and inexpensive.

This Manual describes the various windows, or screens, which make up LARS/Windows. It also explains the meaning of each of the fields (places on the screen where you can enter data) and buttons (things you can click to cause an action) on these screens.

 LARS Manual